Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Gregynog Meeting

The Nexus Action Set held a 2 day event at Gregynog, mid-Wales, on 1st and 2nd September 2009. The event was organised by the Higher Education Academy Wales and facilitated by Professors Alan Jenkins, Mick Healey and Simon Haslett. The event was attended by representatives from 10 Welsh Higher Education Institutions and explored the links between research and teaching, and the value of the scholarship of learning and teaching, and pedagogic research.


  1. Thanks Simon for setting this up, and thanks Mick, Alan and yourself for facilitating an extremely engaging and productive event!

  2. Hi all.
    I confess I'm a blog virgin - so here goes.

    First, thanks to everyone - collectively it was a great event - organsied well, delivered well and with participants engaging productively.

    Second, in evaluative terms:
    1. best thing = the overall milieu created.
    I felt genuinely welcomed, the presentations/session were very well delivered and the materials provided were comprehensive (though I can't claim to have read them all). I learned a lot.

    2. one thing I brought back to swansea = (I've cheated a bit - to include a few in one sentence) a much deeper and broader awareness of the status of research-teaching-pedagogy (the cynic in me had formerly thought the issues were hardly being addressed at all) AND constructive plans to adopt so that I continue with researching my teaching whilst keeping an eye on the more macro, instituional agenda (and beyond) and trying to influence that.

    3. what could have improved it = I suspect a little more attendance (including some institutions not represented) would have added additional perspectives etc (of course, I realise we have to work with what we have) - and also, I now feel part of the whole movement - I feel engaged with it whereas before I confess to feeling soemwhat isolated in many of my views and conserns, questions etc. That said - I look forward to seeing how the blog works out - as a sort of networking vehicle for academics across Wales.

  3. Thanks for all the hard work Simon. The Teaching Research Nexus was part of our last (2007) Learning, Teaching and Assessment strategy, but the opportunity to deepen our perspective and take it forward was very welcome.

    Mick and Alan are always good value, so it was good to see you both on such good form. It will be great to see your impact across the whole of Wales.

  4. Belatedly (for which my apologies) my comments:
    The best thing by far about this event was the opportunity to meet colleagues from other institutions facing the same challenges but risng to them with enchantingly differing responses from which I learned a great deal;
    Of the many things I have taken back with me the one that stands out is Mick Healey's description of how students just arrived at university eagerly took up inquiry-based learning projects almost as soon as (or was it even before?) they had enrolled;
    Finally, though it is not easy to identify what could have improved a thoroughly enjoyable and informative occasion, a little more space and time on some of the many ideas that came from the floor, an opportunity to take some of them a little further, would have been appreciated at least by me.
    I look forward eagerly to the publication of some of the material from this event, in whatever form it is done.


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