Friday, 25 October 2013

Status quo vadis? An assessment of the relationship between science, education and policy implementation.

A presentation by Christopher House (University of Wales: Trinity Saint David, Swansea), in collaboration with Gavin Bunting (University of Wales) and Stephen Hole (University of Wales: Trinity Saint David, Swansea), at the Research-Teaching Practice in Wales Conference, 9th September 2013, at the University of Wales, Gregynog Hall. Edited by Professor Simon Haslett.

Christopher House
Science and considered educational practice need clarification for the nexus between them to be effective.  Increasingly the relationship between science findings, educational practice and policy implementation are an area of lucrative research.  Research data, collected via semi-structured interviews with representatives of academia, government and quasi government organisations, was assessed alongside published work.  Principal findings emphasised that scientists, educators, street level bureaucrats and mandarins need to engage more coherently with the existing science education nexus to facilitate, but not format research agendas and their dissemination.  Findings showed that extensive research results are readily available, but there is need for further manipulation, coordination, communication and adaptation between the advocacy coalitions.  Consequently, the science, education, policy nexus should be internalised.  Furthermore, to develop shared awareness, considered dissemination of knowledge and understanding requires both vertical and horizontal integration.  Policy results should be clear and innovative knowledge transfer fora, using Technology Enhanced Dissemination (TED) must be applied.

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