Friday, 8 November 2013

It’s time to ‘Face’ the truth. Is Facebook’s Survey Monkey a legitimate research and pedagogical tool?

A presentation by Stephen Hole in collaboration with Christopher House (University of Wales: Trinity Saint David, Swansea) and Gavin Bunting (University of Wales), at the Research-Teaching Practice in Wales Conference, 10th September 2013, at the University of WalesGregynog Hall. Edited by Professor Simon Haslett.

Research-Teaching Practice In Wales Conference 2013
Dr Stephen Hole
The phenomenal development of social media in recent years is providing research and pedagogical opportunities for the University sector. Facebook has over 500 million active users, 50% of which access it on a daily basis.  The size and use of Facebook’s Survey Monkey represents an ideal tool for research and provides new teaching considerations.  This paper used research from postgraduate, undergraduate studies and Higher Education Institution (HEI) staff awareness surveys to identify the benefits, considerations and future opportunities for using Survey Monkey in publishable research, dissertations and class exercises.  Findings demonstrated that the use of Survey Monkey needs to be carefully monitored so that sound methodological decision making is adhered too.  The research proposes a set of recommendations that should be considered when formulating, implementing and interpreting research founded on Survey Monkey results.  Universities need to develop a set of hierarchical guideline that are dependent on the function of the survey and incorporates monitoring strategies.

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